CampWorks Features

There are a lot of great features built into CampWorks.  So much we couldn’t cover everything here, but below are some of the major features.  Be sure to download our free trial to get the full picture.

Designed for Ease of Use

We designed CampWorks to be easy to learn and use to make it easy for smaller businesses with work campers or seasonal help.  We spend countless hours working with our customers and invest in annual onsite visits to our customers so we can hear and see how various businesses run their operation.  We use feedback from these visits to develop new features and make continuous improvements to ensure we have the best solution on the market.  Our extensive resources include online training videos, a complete getting started guide, knowledge base, and phone/email/screen sharing support ensure you will be up and running quickly.

Flexible setup

We work with a broad base of independent business owners.  Every business is unique, with different situations.  We have been listening to our customers for over 20 years and have designed an extremely flexible setup system to satisfy the most diverse needs.  The key is to enable many different situations via setup without making the software difficult to use.  Where possible unused features are hidden to make front desk operation easy.  CampWorks has built in campsite, cabin, room, boat slip, storage types, but also has the ability for you to customize names of unused type for other purposes (ie rename storage to horse stalls for example)

Great Reservation Tools

CampWorks has many easy to use tools to make managing reservations a breeze.  Drag and drop on the grid to create or edit reservations.  Setup your own interactive map to visualize your spaces.  Use flexible search tools to easily find reservations.  Quicklists (ie Guests left to check in/out, Current Guests, etc) make it easy to quickly access reservations.  Set a guest status to “needs attention” and add comments to the reservation to put the reservation on the needs attention list to make sure the need gets addressed.  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reservation productivity.  Download our trial to get the full experience.

Flexible Rate Setup

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, Annual, Custom, Override rates, Dynamic Pricing, we have you covered.  CampWorks has an extensive & flexible rate system that covers nearly every situation.  Setup adders for extra adults, children, pets, rig amperage, weekends, specific holiday dates.  Utilize dynamic pricing rules to automatically adjust your base rate depending on occupancy (ie like hotels do during high demand periods).  Use our mass rate change tool to set/adjust base rates for specific groups of rental spaces & rate periods.  Lock reservation rates, specific tax rules, add custom rates, override monthly rate to further adjust individual reservations.

Complete Guest Management

CampWorks guest profiles help you to keep track of guests details and to simplify future reservation booking or other guest management tasks.  Safely save linked credit card info for future payments.  Store rig & vehicle info, discount programs.  Assign the guest to custom guest lists that can be used for emailing, exporting, reporting, or put problem guests on the Blacklist.  See detailed stay history and access historical or future reservations with a single click.  Keep notes on guests for future reference (ie repeat bookings).  Apply credit to the guest account to be applied to future bookings.

Integrated Payment Processing

CampWorks has a partnership with CardConnect for PCI compliant payment processing.  CardConnect is a FirstData company who is one of the largest processors.  CardConnect has leading edge technology, 24 hour support, and competitive rates.  We partner with CardConnect to provide fully integrated, fast and secure storage & processing of card data for both on-site and over the phone/internet payment processing.  Equipment solutions provide chip,swipe, non-contact, and mobile payments.

Store Management (POS)

If you have an onsite store, even if it doesn’t have many items, our POS store management software is a valuable add on.  Use a bar code scanner to quickly ring up items and sell directly or charge to reservations or charge accounts.  Manage cash drawers and item inventory.  Set re-order points and use reports to alert you when it is time to re-order products.  Since POS is integrated with CampWorks reservation software, management can get single reports with complete totals of sales and receipts without having to reconcile registers and manually add up totals to simplify end of day work.

Real-Time Online Reservations

Our unique approach to online reservations provides live access to availability & booking for guests without the constraints of a a fully web-based solution.  Your database and software is local for speed and efficiency, but visitors to your website are securely allowed access to the database through our WebRes service.  Flexible setup options include specifying your own text, allowing guests to book a specific site or only a type of space, requiring rig info & size to ensure the rig fits, requiring customers review and agree to your policies, and much more.  Our low reservation fee can be added to the reservation as a booking fee so there is no cost to you.  The CampWorks software notifies you of the new reservation and you simply review and confirm it to finalize the reservation.  Simple, efficient, and no cost to you.  Why not?

Group Reservations

CampWorks has several key group management features.  Create groups by giving the group a name and blocking a group of sites all at one time.  As part of the process, you create the main reservation for the group contact (host).  Reservations are made on the remaining sites but with a name of unassigned.  As each guest calls to claim a site in the group you assign the guest, make payments, and send individual confirmation letters.  Add or remove sites from groups, groups linked on the grid for easy identification.  Flexible billing to bill all reservations to the group host or to individual reservations.

Manage Rental Items

Reduce your cost by keeping track of your rental items.  This feature is popular for cable and internet boxes, but is also designed for any rental or borrowed out items (ie firepits, games, boats, kayaks, tubes, paddle boards).  Setup items and rent by various time blocks or flat price/deposit.  Charge to reservations or to day visitors without a reservation.  Take payment and track your rentals income through reporting.  Rentals checked out to reservations will invoke a prompt at reservation checkout to make sure rental items are returned prior to the guest departing.  Keep track of notes on items (ie damage, replacements, etc)

Monthly Rent & Utility Billing

Simplify your monthly billing with our complete system.  Track and charge electric consumption, automatically add on custom defined charges (ie cable box, extra vehicle, washer).  Create monthly statements to charge next month’s rent and last month’s utilities and misc. charges.  Turn on auto statements to have CampWorks automatically create the statements on their due date.  Print or email bills to guests.

Charge Accounts

If you sell products or services regularly to local businesses (ie propane, fuel, dumps), our charge account feature is for you.  Setup a guest profile as a charge account which allows you to charge items either from POS or manually to the account.  Create statements, enter payments or credits, and keep track of these special sales in reporting.  You can also charge reservation rental space charges to an account.  This can be useful if you have a 3rd party partner that brings customers your way and collects their own fees and you bill them for your cost.

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

To effectively manage your business, it is critical that you are able to analyze your operation.  We have many built in reports to help analyze your advertising effectiveness, where guests come from, occupancy by type/date, and of course every piece of financial summary and detail data to ensure you can maximize your potential.  Any report can be exported to spreadsheets for further data analysis.  If we don’t have a report you need, let us know and we can work it into a future update.

Accounting Export / Integration

CampWorks has several options to help with bookkeeping.  We have a full integration with QuickBooks Desktop.  You can directly link CampWorks items such as Campsite sales, cabin sales, etc to corresponding items in QuickBooks.  Then with a single click you can export date ranges or single days and CampWorks will create an invoice in QuickBooks for each date or range with the totals for each category.  It will also create a payment receipt for all of the receipts for that day by currency (ie $2345.17 Visa, $245.16 Cash).  If QuickBooks isn’t your jam, we also have an option to export daily sales revenue to a spreadsheet.  Contact us for more details on this method.

Housekeeping Management

If you have rooms or cabins that require constant housekeeping attention, our housekeeping feature will help you to avoid mistakes.  A cabin/room can be set to dirty/clean or when a guest is checked in it is considered occupied.  Housekeeping status can easily be viewed on the reservation grid or when viewing an individual cabin/room.  Print housekeeping reports for your housekeeper and keep your status up to date as rooms are cleaned.

Remote Access

Out of the office or on the go?  No problem we have multiple options depending what you need to do.  With our installed version of CampWorks we can help you setup remote desktop to access your office PC from anywhere.  Millions of people throughout the world use this method daily and it is highly effective and provides complete access to your PC in the office connected to the live CampWorks database from any computer.  Office closed for the winter and working out of your home office?  It is easy and we can help you to move your database to your home office.  On the go?  Use our CampWorks Connect mobile app to view the management dashboard, create/edit reservations, enter payments, send confirmation letters & receipts, check guests in/out, etc directly through your phone.  If you are a remote owner and only need to check in to view reports, export data, look at reservations, a 4th option is to install CampWorks on your local remote PC/laptop and restore the database from the last online backup whenever you want to check in.  Lastly, our new online edition is installed on our servers and thus accessible via a browser from any computer at any location.  So we have you covered no matter what your situation.  Give us a call and we can recommend what option or combination of options is best for you.

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