Comprehensive RV Park Management Software

  • Reservations
  • Guest Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Monthly Billing
  • Store (Point of Sale)
  • Rentals
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Marketing

Complete Office Software

The speed, power, and flexibility to efficiently run your business.  Choose between a locally installed Windows version for maximum performance & reliability or our online edition for Apple compatibility and access from any computer / location.

Store Software (Optional)

Manage your store sales / inventory with our complete POS solution.  Charge store sales to reservations & combined financial reports with CampWorks.  Reliable, efficient, PCI compliant, and affordable payment processing.

Online Reservations (OPtional)

Take online reservations through your web site.  Real-time integration with CampWorks software enables guests to make reservations while you work in the office with no concern of double-booking

Smartphone App (Optional or Stand ALone App)

Mange your business remotely, market your business, provide unmatched guest hospitality, and help your local economy with our easy to use smartphone app.  Guests will be impressed that your business has its own app.

A Complete Solution

CampWorks is a comprehensive RV park management software system.  For over 25 years we have been helping our clients grow revenue and increase profitability by providing innovative business systems to increase bookings and reduce cost.  Our extensive industry experience and close knit customer relationships have helped us to develop one of the best RV park management systems on the market.  From reservation management to detailed financial reporting, CampWorks has broad capability to fill the needs of nearly any RV park, campground or resort.  Our suite of products leverage leading-edge web, PC, mobile based technologies to deliver the best user experience for guests and staff on any device. CampWorks office software can be used alone or in combination with optional POS, WebRes, CampWorks Connect add-ons for a complete business solution.   CampWorks is affordable for any size business.  Whether you have 10 rental spaces or 1000, CampWorks can cost effectively meet your needs.  Even the smallest businesses can enjoy the same capability that previously only large businesses could afford.  

Easy to Learn & Use

We recognize many of our clients rely on seasonal help.  CampWorks was designed specifically to be intuitive and to minimize training requirements without sacrificing capability.  Unused features are hidden to avoid confusion for users.  On demand training videos available on our web site make it easy to get new staff up to speed quickly.

Great Reservation Management Tools

CampWorks is chalk full of tools to help you efficiently manage reservations.  Interactive grid and map features help visualize reservations.  The site optimizer feature enables you to pick sites that best utilize spaces.  Dynamic pricing can be enabled to automatically increase pricing as your spaces fill up.  Automatic monthly billing reduces paperwork.  Housekeeping tools and reports help manage cabin/room readiness status.

Online Reservations

Take reservations on your web-site with WebRes online reservations.  CampWorks unique real-time online reservations approach keeps your database local for fast in office operation, yet allows guests to make online reservations through your web site with real-time availability and no concern of double bookings.  Let guests do the work and your staff just needs to review and confirm the reservation, freeing up staff time to focus on on-site guests.

Manage Store Sales (POS)

CampWorks POS optional add on software module enables you to eliminate the register and have a complete store inventory management solution.  Scan bar codes, ring up sales, process payments, manage cash drawers, charge sales to reservations or charge accounts with our easy to use POS software.  One single daily financial report gives a complete breakdwon of store & reservation sales reducing end of day manual work and till total compilation.

Manage Hourly Daily Rentals

With our rentals manager you can setup your own rental items that you want to track (cable boxes, fire pits, games, boats, etc).  Add assets, track what is in/out/ availalbe for first-come, first serve rentals.  Charge items to reservations, accounts, or to day visitors.

Mobile & Remote Management

CampWorks has multiple ways for you to remotely manage your business.  You can use CampWorks Connect smarthphone app to view your dashboard and keep tabs on activity.  You can install CampWorks remotely on your PC and download an offline copy of your database for analysis any time.  Remote desktop enables you to log into your office PC and work remotely on the live system from any PC.

Integrated Payment Processing

CampWorks has a partnership with CardConnect to enable PCI compliant payment processing.  CardConnect is a FirstData company that provides leading-edge technology, 24 hour support, and competitive rates.  Through our partnership you can safely and securely take payments in CampWorks, Online Reservations, POS, and CW Connect. 

Understand Your Business with Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics are critical for any business owner to make critical business decisions.  CampWorks has extensive reporting capabilities to analyze and export financial & reservation data.  Our vast reporting tools will enable you to better see how to grow your business.

Impress Guests With Your Own Mobile App!

CampWorks Connect is a unique mobile app to help manage and market your campground, RV park, or resort.  The app is branded as your own app (ie “Crow River Campground”) and provides digital guide and reservation services for guests and mobile management capabilities for you and your staff.  Guiding your guests on area events and activities, will result in longer stays and repeat visits while boosting the local economy.  Guest’s will be impressed by the hospitality and convenience and will tell their friends, growing your business.

Solutions & Connectivity for All

In the office, working remotely, or on the go, CampWorks has solutions to provide everyone the access they need.  Your office computers utilize our powerful CampWorks software, remote managers/owners can connect in or monitor and make changes using CampWorks Connect mobile app.  Website visitors can see real-time availability and book/pay for reservations.  Guests can manage their reservations and find activities, services, events through CampWorks Connect.  


CampWorks is a comprehensive system with a rich set of features.  With so many built in features, we can’t even list them all.  Below are some of the highlights.  You won’t find a better value anywhere else!


Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

Individuals, groups, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal; we’ve got you covered.  You won’t believe how easy it is to take and manage reservations using our quicklists, reservation grid, maps, reporting, etc.  Email custom form letters, confirm reservations, and take payments.

Complete Guest Management

Keep track of details on your guests for the ultimate in customer satisfaction and to keep them coming back for repeat visits.  Keep notes, stay history, payment cards, discount programs, create guest lists for contact management.  Integrated emailing keeps you in easy contact.

Real-time Online Reservations

Take reservations directly through your web site with no worries about double booking.  Guests see real-time availability, enter information and payments.  Flexible to support allowing site selection, setting rig type, length restrictions, and customized text and other settings.


Monthly Billing

Have monthly or seasonal guests?  Our monthly billing system will track miscellaneous monthly charges, meter, phone, cable billing, and rent charges.  Print or email monthly statements to your guests.  Setup charge accounts for local businesses (ie propane, gas sales, etc) and bill them monthly.

Detailed Management Reporting

Make better management decisions and increase revenue and profits by using our detailed reporting.  Flexible, professional reporting and graphing of reservations, financials, utilization, productivity, inventory, availability, etc.

Integrated Point of Sale (POS)

Our optional point of sale module provides a professional checkout experience to your store for complete sales, inventory, and cash drawer management.  POS is fully integrated with CampWorks for combined reporting and charging store items to reservations.

Integrated Payment Processing

CampWorks keeps track of billing and payments.  Use our integrated payment card processing partner, CardConnect to securely accept, store & process payment card information.  CampWorks is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

Keep Track of Rental Items

Utilize our rentals manager to keep track of items that you loan or rent out either to reservations or day visitors.  Check In, Check out, take payments and print receipts for rentals.


CampWorks is so intuitive that minimal training is required.  However, when you do need help, our website contains up to date training videos to demonstrate most major functions.  This makes training new staff practically effortless.

Networking & Remote Access

CampWorks can be installed on an unlimited # of PCs or installed as a web-based version accessible from any computer.  For the installed version, we help you setup remote desktop to access CampWorks when you are away.  Use CampWorks Connect on your phone to create / manage reservations or view the management dashboard to keep a pulse on your business.

Data Security / Backup

When it comes to keeping your data safe, we have your back.  CampWorks has built in backup of your data both locally and optionally to our secure server (the cloud), so you never have to worry about losing your data.  You can easily download an offline copy when you want to run reports or do analysis away from the office.

Setup Flexibility

Every business is different.  We have spent countless hours with our clients understanding their needs and designing in features to make CampWorks extremely flexible to support many varying business needs and wants.  Unused features are hidden from users to keep the software easy to use.


We pride ourselves in providing the best support in the industry.  Not only do we answer calls/emails 7 days a week, but usually you will be speaking with one of the CampWorks developers, not a support technician or foreign representative, so your issue will surely be resolved quickly.

Technology & Updates

With our flat per reservation pricing structure, software updates and support are all included, so you never have to worry about expensive upgrades.  CampWorks notifies you when new updates are available, and we are ready to help you stay up to date.


Our CampWorks Connect smartphone app gives you the ability to market your business in new ways.  Guest’s will be so impressed with the hospitallty that you provide, they will surely share the app with their friends, resulting in new business.  Integrated social media helps you Connect like never before.


We work closely with our customers to develop tight partnerships.  We strive to help our customer’s make their business more efficient and profitable.  In return, customers are happy to share their experience with CampWorks with others to help us grow.  Below is a small sampling of testimonials from just a few of our customers.

CampWorks has effectively organized our reservations, improved efficiency and eliminated many mistakes. Customer satisfaction is at an all time high as we are now able to meet most requests such as guaranteeing a favorite campsite or ensuring groups to be side by side. With more people requesting reservations by phone or internet than ever before, we would be lost without CampWorks.

Todd George

Owner, Rafter J Bar Ranch Campground

Fort Victoria RV Park has been locally owned and operated by the same family since its conception in 1961. Located just outside greater Victoria, we offer 364 part time and full time RV sites as well as 200 plus storage sites. Approximately 240 sites are year round monthly.

We have been online with CampWorks since May 1st, 2020, and couldn’t be happier with the program! Like anything new, there was a bit of a learning curve for us and the staff, but the online training videos and unmatched technical support from Keith and his team have been a great resource. CampWorks monthly billing option allows us to keep up to date records for each site and customer while giving the flexibility to adjust, modify and correct each individual reservation as needed. The integration with CardConnect, has made taking payments easier and secure.  

Our staff has particularly been impressed with the many different ways to make and find reservations as well as communicating with each other through the notes section on each reservation. We give CampWorks high marks and would recommend it to any size campground looking for reliable and flexible reservation management software.

Rob & Rachael Brooks

Manager, Fort Victoria RV Park

CampWorks and it’s online reservation system was a game changer for our campground operations. It’s user friendly interface makes it easy for our reservation staff to operate and having the ability for customer to make reservations online allowed our reservations staff to focus more on customer service rather then manual reservation entries. Keith Johnson and his team are always there for any help we may need. Keith listens to what his customers are saying and implement these updates which continues to improve the system ever more. We would definitely recommend CampWorks to anyone looking at a new reservation management software system.

Plasses Resort

Owning a small resort with only 5 units and not being computer literate, we were skeptical that reservation software would be of any benefit to our business. With CampWorks, we are in total control and have eliminated the chaos and mistakes of the manual paper system. Guests are impressed that we can easily show them availability, book multiple years in advance, and can quickly access their stay history. CampWorks is so easy to use, that even for us, it is a piece of cake.

Paul & Karen Johnson

Owners, Lynn Lake Lodge

We have used the CAMPWORKS Reservation program  since our park opened in 1996. In these 24 years we have always had the support and information needed from CAMPWORKS for the reservation program.  Our park has 125 rental sites and the software we utilize through CAMPWORKS is by far the easiest and most user friendly for our office staff to learn. Our guests are impressed with the online reservation system and the ease of booking their own site online through our website & CAMPWORKS program. We make reservations a year in advance and can access a guest history to provide them information on any prior camping stays with us. The program software is kept up to date and progresses with the changes in information & reservation technology. I highly recommend CAMPWORKS for any park owner looking to purchase a reservation program. I would go with CAMPWORKS over any other software program

Larry Elliott

Owner, Creekwood Farm RV Park

We started to work with Keith & Steve at CampWorks nearly 20 years ago.  Originally, we just used the basics of the program.  As our business grew, we knew we needed to start using all the features CampWorks has to offer to make our lives easier.  It most definitely has done that!  Over the years we expanded into additional businesses and needed another version of CampWorks and they were able to do that for us and make it fit our needs.  We definitely wanted to keep using his program.  Keith does most of the technical support himself and his support is absolutely top-notch.  The best part is that almost every single time we call, he answers.  If he doesn’t answer he gets back to us in a very prompt manner.  Since he is one of the program designers, who better to talk to than him.  He helps with any questions we have and fixes any issues that we are having.  If we do something really dumb….which happens, he fixes it.  CampWorks is user friendly, easy to learn, and has many features available.  I would highly recommend using CampWorks as the software for your business. 

Sara & Jeff Miller

Owner, Red Mountain RV Park, Muddy Creek Cabins

CampWorks is one of the greatest purchases we could have ever made regarding the operation of our business. We have owned and operated our facility for a little over eighteen years. A while back our software provider dropped off the map and left us in the cold. We had a good system and were very familiar with it. We continued using our old system, without support, for two years while we searched for an adequate replacement. What we found was CampWorks. Wow, I really wish we had found it sooner!! The system is great and so is the staff. Having used our old system for so long, we had a few specific needs we thought would never be available again, but Keith Johnson was ready to tackle anything. This has to be the most diverse system going, and easy to setup and operate. I’m 65 years old and not extremely computer savvy, but I have had very few problems setting this system up and training my staff. We use almost every facet of this system as a Marina with RV sites, Cabins and Store. We also used the storage units as outside charge accounts! We are now in the process of setting up our QB integration. Hats off to these guys—-They’ve got it going on!

Butch & Teressa Miller

Owners, Georgetown Marina Lodge & RV Park

We have used CampWorks to run our RV Park for over 20 years.  The CampWorks team continually upgrades and improves CampWorks based on their customer’s feedback to provide the highest quality product and service.  Additionally, their support has been exceptional and they are always very capable and willing to fix any problems we had.  In 2020, we added integrated credit card processing and online reservations.  We were nervous about the transition, but Keith was very helpful in making sure the process went smoothly.  The new online reservation capability has helped us to grow our business by reaching a broader customer base than we ever have before.  

Mark & Ann Mueller

Owners, Oasis Campground

We researched and tested lots of systems before we found Campworks. Everything was either too expensive or just didn’t have the features required to manage all of our campground services: camp sites, seasonal sites, general store, river equipment rentals. Things we especially love: system is easy to use, we can’t overbook sites, comprehensive POS integration, and the impossibility of losing customer information–as our database is securely backed up daily, Oh and the super-convenience of easy online reservations– both for us and for our guests! Their customer service is pretty awesome, too. We’re five years strong with Campworks and highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve and streamline your reservation system.

Dave & Jill Ferrie

Owners, Harvest Farm RV Park


Affordable for ANY Business!

CampWorks has built in features that enable you to automatically add a Reservation Fee to each new reservation.  By doing this, your customers pay for our software and support a small fee at a time making our solution completely FREE to you!

NOTE:  Looking for pricing on our CampWorks Connect smartphone app?  CampWorks Connect pricing can be found on our CampWorks Connect website.

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